E-commerce company shares the selected KPI metrics with partners and affiliates

Start-up Customer Case Study

Start-up reports case study

Paylab Project is an innovative online solution for employees and employers salary surveys. It offers a customised platform through their partners in 10 European countries: Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bosnia and Serbia.

Instead of investing money and time to develop its own reporting, Paylab has chosen KPI Watchdog to monitor and share their key indicators with business partners in each country.

Paylab visualise and share metrics from their database like number of survey participants, number of sales, combine them with selected metrics from Google Analytics (e.g. number of visitors) and calculate real conversion rates using feature Calculated metric.

With KPI Watchdog online reporting tool, we can flexibly create and share the reports and dashboards for our expanding partner network abroad. With few clicks and with no programming needs.

M. Dravecky, Paylab Project Manager

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Digital marketing agency creates automatic reports about their pay-per-click campaigns performance and ROI

Digital Agency Customer Case Study

Digital agency reports case study

Growww Digital is a CEE focused digital marketing agency that brings high-level support for market-leader webshops, listing portals and transforms traditional midsize companies to the digital era.

Their biggest forte is a result-oriented and data-driven attitude maximizing customers digital return-on-investment (ROI).

Therefore they use KPI Watchdog for reporting the campaigns performance to their clients. They combine data from Google AdWords and Google Analytics and calculate financial ROI using calculated metric feature.

We were looking for the simple tool which would allow us to automate the margin and ROI calculation we had been doing manually in excel.

With KPI Watchdog we automated our custom calculations on top of AdWords data and share these results with our clients. We found the Dashboards very helpful in tracking overall campaign performance and thus not losing the big picture for every campaign we manage.

L. Szabó, Growww Digital Co-Founder

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E-shop provider compares performance of multiple e-shops in consolidated e-business dashboards

E-shop Customer Case Study

E-commerce reports case study

ui42 is a full-service e-shop provider managing the customers internet shops from various verticals, including tyres sales, pharmacies, household commodities and others.

They use a KPI Watchdog Database connector to import the data from webshop database and correlate them with numbers from other sources like Google Analytics.

The key e-shop business metrics from multiple website installations are consolidated into one management dashboard where can be easily compared and analysed.

When you run more e-shops simultaneously, you face a challenge how to compare and consolidate the key performance metrics from multiple e-shop installations and various Google Analytics profiles. KPI Watchdog has helped us to create a single dashboard with results from all our e-shops. And it is available also for tablets and mobile phones.

Martin Krupa, ui42 CEO

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