Microsoft Office Excel Reporting Online

Microsoft Office Excel reports online and automated excel dashboards

Import your excel spreadsheets and combine Google analytics data with your performance metrics from other sources - google analytics, google adwords, wordpress woocommerce or database and create your own reports and dashboards.

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Microsoft Office Excel Reporting Tool

Microsoft Office Excel Report Features

Microsoft Office Excel Dashboards

Unlimited excel dashboards from multiple spreadsheets

Combine microsoft office excel data from various spreadsheets or other data sources and create the special KPI reporting dashboard anywhere available and always updated.

Microsoft Office Excel Calculations

Automated calculation from excel data

Want to apply exchange rate or calculate your dollar margin? Create your new adwords analytics metric with automatically updated formulas. More on our blog.

Free Unlimited Sharing to Customers

Share selected data with your team or customers

Show dashboard with chart or number widget or detailed report to your team members and customers. Intelligent e-mail alerting system flags you immediately if there is anything irregular in your data. All this for no extra cost.

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