How it works


Connect your data sources

Use our secure MySQL database connector or various other API connectors to automatically collect cleaned data that matters.


Monitor your metrics

Get the instant visual overview how is your business doing. Analyze and compare with other metrics.


Get notified

Intelligent alerting system flags you immediately if there is anything irregular in your business performance.

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Choose what is important for you to monitor and let your watchdog tool do the boring stuff- chew up and clean your rough big data, collect and analyze your e-commerce performance and alert you once your business goes off the track.

Data sources Connectors

Google Analytics, AdSense, AdWords, Facebook, MySQL Database, weather, Wordpress Woocommerce, APIs. We provide a growing list of connectors which help you to get your number crunched seamlessly into lovely reports.

Manual Excel (CSV) Upload

Some metrics not ready yet for connection? Or like your plan, projection or forecast, they exist only in the spreadsheet on your local drive? Upload your spreadsheet manually from excel. You can even edit the numbers directly in KPI Watchdog reporting tool.

Secure access

KPI watchdog does not need your passwords or other secure information. Dedicated API keys protect your data. Use SSL encryption for even higher protection. Share selected key performance indicators reports and dashboards with your team colleagues or clients.

Data visualization

Seeing your performnace data visualized will get you an actionable insight into your business.

Special algorithms

Get some business intelligence to your metrics with application of our analytics features. Coming soon.

Access from any device

Track your performance anywhere and anytime with our mobile and tablet-friendly web application.