KPI Watchdog reporting tool allows you to consolidate the key performance indicators (KPIs) of multiple projects and from multiple data sources in one place. It is like Google Analytics but not limited only to web data.

Your data are updated automatically from various data sources, e.g. Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Facebook page insights, databases of your websites. You can compare reports with manually updated numbers from your spreadsheets or external sources like weather indicators.
There is a growing list of available connections. You can currently choose to connect your account to MySQL database, Google Analytics, AdWords, AdSense, Facebook Insights, Wordpress Woocommerce e-shop, weather metrics or custom API, and more to come. Contact us to connect API of your choice.

You can also upload your offline data (e.g. your forecast or business plan in excel) in csv format manually and create a new metric from that file.
Save your excel spreadsheet as .csv file where date should be the first column and your primary metric (typically Total) the second column. If there are other columns in your file, they will be used as segments of the primary metric. In your profile, choose Manual Import as a data source, upload your file and your KPI report is ready. You can always update the numbers with re-uploading the file or with editing table in application.
KPI Watchdog not only visualizes the data from another source but also saves and cleans the data in real time. So you can not only create mulitple reporting dashboards with charts but also collect, analyze and export the metrics without datestamps or happened long time ago. In your reports, you can make aggregations and comparisons with previous periods. You can even create your own metric based on calculation of your other metrics, e.g. sum revenues from all your projects or deduct from your revenues your fixed or viariable costs to get your profit, calculate a conversion rates using nubmers form your database, etc.

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